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Build Wealth

HEXPOSE Trusted Products, brands, and tips to integrate technology that improves your life.


Automate your finances.

If your financial plan isn't on auto-pilot, change that immediately, encourages self-made millionaire David Bach. Automating your finances — sending your money automatically to investment accounts, savings accounts, and creditors — allows you to build wealth effortlessly.


Come up with specific money goals.

To reach that level of clarity, he suggests writing down goals for your annual income and net worth. Like all goal-setting, be realistic, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself. After all, the wealthiest people aren't afraid to think big.


Tell yourself you deserve to be rich.

The wealthiest individuals believe that "success, fulfillment and happiness are the natural order of existence," self-made millionaire Steve Siebold writes in his book "How Rich People Think." "This single belief drives the great ones to behave in ways that virtually guarantee their success."


Spend 30 minutes a day reading.

Rich people tend to read. They continue to teach and invest in themselves long after formal education is over. "Walk into a wealthy person's home and one of the first things you'll see is an extensive library of books they've used to educate themselves on how to become more successful,"


Set your alarm clock earlier.

In addition to reading, wealthy people tend to wake up early. Self-made billionaires Richard Branson and Jack Dorsey start their days at 5:00 a.m., and they're far from the only successful people to get up before the sun.

In a five-year study of hundreds of self-made millionaires, author Thomas C. Corley found that nearly 50 percent of them woke up at least three hours before their work day actually began.


Track your spending.

You can't build wealth if more money is leaving your wallet than coming in. To ensure you're earning more than you're spending, track your daily expenses.

There are a handful of apps that will do this for you, such as Mint, Personal Capital, and Level Money. You can also use a spreadsheet on your computer or simply record your everyday purchases in a notebook or on your phone.


Prioritize high-interest debt.

It's important to understand that all debt is not created equal. An effective strategy is to rank all of your debt in order of interest rate, from highest to lowest. Then, prioritize the debt with the highest interest rate, while still paying the minimum on all of your debts, in order to pay less over the lifespan of your loans.

There is an alternate option, too: Rank your debt in order of size and start with the smallest. It's a strategy that personal finance expert Dave Ramsey calls the "snowball method." The idea is that each time you pay off one form of debt, you build momentum, which helps you tackle the next biggest, and so on.

Google Home 

The Google Home is a smart speaker built on the Google Assistant platform. You can ask it questions and listen to its answers. Google Home learns your preferences and voice tone over time.

The smart speaker works by tapping into the power of Google which includes search, maps, and translation. It is a combination of natural language processing, voice recognition, and machine learning. This expertise gives users the possibility of communicating with Google Assistant on Google Home.

Google Home can also help with your translations and calculations. It can deliver a news briefing or a recent update from a media publication such as CNN or the BBC. Google Home is able to do these things using your preferred search.

Samsung Smart Home Camera With Full HD 1080P Outdoor/Indoor Camera

Video cameras may help you reduce your home insurance bill.

This is a good security camera for those who are focused on capturing a wide range of activities going on within and outside their homes. This Samsung camera does all the work for you.

It is one of the best in the technology market and can be controlled from any location you are. This makes it a useful gadget as you don’t have to be at your home to see what’s happening. You can watch the footage on your smartphone and can control the camera from your mobile device as well.

Nest Learning Thermostat Helps you Save Electricity

As the name suggests, Nest is a smart thermostat that learns your habits and preferences. It takes record of what degree of temperature you prefer and goes on to build a profile for you in its memory. Then, it uses the profile to manage the central heating of your home.

Nest is quite simple. It has no complexity about it. It is a thermostat that is smartly controlled while learning to adjust to individual temperature habits

Over time, Nest Smart Thermostat aims to consume less energy which will help you save some money on electricity bills. Every control you want to do with Nest can be done on your smartphone. It is highly recommended for its energy consciousness

Nest Smoke Detector

Just like the Nest Smart Thermostat, the Nest Smoke Detector is also a smart connected technology gadget. It is an advanced home device that is used to detect smoke. IT can help you reduce your home insurance bill. Once you install this device in your home, you can rest assured Nest is acting as a security keeping tabs on any smoke of fire or carbon.

The smoke detector also tells you what exactly is wrong and the location of the smoke. Nest Protect is connected to your mobile device to alarm you when something is wrong.

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